The Young Adults of Muckross Hall Recap



Recap- de Clare/O’Flattery/Donnely/Flahey/Evan

On the west coast of Ireland in the year 1157 there stood a revamped monastery called Muckross Abbey which would school and house a special group of young men and women, most of whom were born in or relocated to the Kingdom of Leinster. This kingdom had seen much change, strife and conflict in the previous years. The royal family and the people of Leinster had experienced a long war between feuding tribes which resulted in their king, Dermott MacMurrough, being exiled to England. Upon returning to Ireland to win his kingdom back, he brought with him a Norman Lord, Richard “Strongbow” deClare, to help him. Strongbow in return would marry his daughter, Princess Aoife, and become ruler of Leinster when the King passed away from a weak heart. This string of events brought on what is known as the Norman invasion of the 12th century.


                                                            (Gilbert de Clare)


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The Young Adults of Muckross Hall

Chapter 1 de Clare/O’Flattery/Donnely/Flahey/Evan

Upon arriving at the revamped monastery the young adults would call home, the groans and whispers could be heard over the horse’s hooves. Immediate dissatisfaction was displayed over the small size of the accommodations. There were many buildings, Kilarney Hall being the residence of the Leinster young adults, which included two more from the village of Connaught. Henry and Thora were nobles sent by their families to complete the required time at Muckcross Abbey before they would marry and merge the two Noble families of Connaught. Henry was a large guy who was rather obtuse and overconfident. And even though they were betrothed, Thora was completely uninterested in Henry and made it well known.



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Marital Uncertainty (ch11)


Chapter 11 MacNamara/Donnely 

Michan looked lost as he watched Almaith and the horse drawn cart disappear over the hill. They had just had their tearful goodbye before she left for the school that was at least two days travel away.



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A New Concept (ch44)


 Chapter 43   de Clare/O’Flattery/Donnely 

   Lord Ennis O’Flattery had received the final word from Father Flanagan about the school that had been established on the west coast at an old monastery. It had been financed by the English Normans and they had informed the priests of each village and kingdom to let it be known of its existence. The priests were instructed to persuade all Noble families and wealthy merchants to send not only their older sons but also their older daughters as well. The English were trying to encourage higher learning for everyone in Ireland, for if their new country had an abundance of knowledgeable citizens it was sure to flourish. Starting with the affluent young men and women seemed to be the most sensible place to start. 



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An Air of Arrogance (ch43)



Chapter 43 De Clare

Several weeks had passed since Strongbow’s son Gilbert had arrived in Leinster. They had spent much of their time getting to know one another and adapting to their new father-son relationship.



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The Verdict (ch10)


Chapter 10 MacNamara/Donnely

 Lord O’Flattery’s steward summoned Michan to meet with him at the manorial court the next morning. The village doctor had reported Eamon’s death to the steward and explained the circumstances of the fight between the two men which resulted in his accidental demise. This suited the steward for he also knew of Michan and his excellent reputation.


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The Long Awaited Day (ch42)


Chapter 42 MacMurrough/Archid

Aoife and Lorcan left the very next morning well before the morning meal. She couldn’t see herself sitting with everyone again being disregarded. She did not even say goodbye to Strongbow. Her emotions were too fragile and she felt like she had made enough of a fool of herself. The cart was packed and she decided to go alone. She wanted to stop at her and Finn’s cottage before heading to her mother’s manor. She only hoped that he was there; she really needed to see him. 

When she arrived she was delighted to see Finn’s horse grazing outside. A sigh of relief escaped her, and she quickly stopped the horses.


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A Clean Conscience (ch9)


 Chapter 9 Donnely/MacNamara

As Michan stared with an open mouth at Eamon’s body lying on the ground, he began to feel sick to his stomach. He glanced at Ryanne and saw the horrified look on her face. Looks of confusion occupied both of their eyes. 

“Hello Michan” The doctor said sadly as he walked towards him. “I didn’t know you knew Eamon. I’m sorry you walked in on this. Perhaps you should take Ryanne outside. Would you like me to send for your father Ryanne? I have just sent for the priest.” 

The doctor was being very kind and sympathetic, not realizing that a fight had ensued here last night with Michan causing Eamon to hit his head. Michan couldn’t answer the doctor for he couldn’t yet speak. Ryanne managed a few words. 



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The Calm Before the Storm (ch5)



Chapter 5/ O’Brien


The tension was soaring high in Donnel’s life. He was not making any headway with the peace negotiations between his kingdom and a Norman Lord who was trying to seize Thomand out from under him. Donnel had been king for only a short while and within that time his kingdom had been chosen by many Norman barons for acquisition with King Henry’s consent. After he named himself Lord of Ireland, there was nothing anyone could do about the King sharing out land to all of his chief vassals. With little hope and withering self confidence, Donnel returned home to see his family. He knew that when he saw them it would cure his despondent frame of mind.


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Aoife’s goodbye (ch42)


Chapter 42  de Clare/MacMurrough

Gilbert and Isabel’s first supper in the castle went surprisingly well. When everyone sat down you could feel the tension in the room. Strongbow was able to attend even though his leg was still painfully sore. With the help of a strong guard he was able to move about the castle quite well. After so much activity his leg was throbbing with pain, he simply ignored it and focused on Gilbert and Isabel.



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